Thursday, August 6, 2009


9 A.M. EDT, August 7, 2009
SARASOTA, FL, AUGUST 7, 2009: Continents Apart, LLC, a new rep group has opened for business billing itself as, “The first rep group specializing in drop shipping for home and garden products.” They additionally will serve manufacturers, importers & wholesalers wanting to offer a drop ship program as consultants and serve as an Outsourced Strategic Sales Department for companies that need the service but not the in-house costs.

According to Steven Husak, CEO and a 29 year industry veteran, “Continents Apart already has several product lines lined up and numerous e-commerce and catalog retailers prepared to release our products. We will be making several announcements over the next several weeks. We have over 11000 skus in the pipeline scheduled to be released over the next nine months, and we are looking for more. The greatest advantage we have is that with that many skus to offer in our category, we become a very important source to the retailer.”

Services to be offered include:

• Free consulting to suppliers that have signed a representation agreement to get the suppliers up and running.
• Free access to proprietary sites to liquidate closeouts without ‘fire sale’ pricing.
• Training retailers on the use of ‘on demand’ buying to eliminate large warehousing, handling & inventory overheads.
• The flexibility to turn on a dime to satisfy any customer’s needs.
• Ability to add e-commerce to existing dealer websites or offer new sites fully loaded with Continents Apart products including shopping carts and search engine optimization through a strategic partnership.
• Free access to drop ship into international markets and military addresses without the normal paperwork through another strategic partnership.

Additional information can be obtained by emailing to or phoning (310)301-4121.

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